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Criminal Defense Services

  • DUII 

  • DUII Diversion

  • Expungements

  • Firearm Offenses

  • Firearm Violations

  • Forgery Crimes

  • Manslaughter

  • Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled Substances

  • Measure 11

  • Prostitution Sting

  • Public Indecency crimes

  • Traffic Offenses

  • Domestic Violence Offenses

  • Assault

  • Auto Theft

  • Burglary

  • Drug Crimes

  • Drug Delivery

  • Drug Possession Charges

  • Robbery

  • Setting Aside Convictions/Arrest Records

  • Sex Offenses

  • Shoplifting Crimes

  • Weapon Charges

  • and More


Cost: $100 for Your initial Consultation

Your initial consultation takes 1 hour on average. During your consultation, your individual case is assessed and your questions get answered. You and Mr. Vela will agree on a flat fee to take on your case.


 During your initial consultation,  You and Mr. Vela will agree on a flat fee to take on your case. 

On an hourly basis: Mr Vela charges $250 per hour. .


Jail visit Consultations Cost $300.

Mr. Vela have an initial jail consultation with you or your loved one. 

fees for court and investigation and other experts

Your will be responsible for other costs.

  • Your case may require investigation. So you may need to hire an investigator. 

  • Your case may require documents to be filed in Court. The Court charges for some filings. So you need to pay those fees.

  • You may need to hire another expert in your case. So you may need to pay for those services as well. 

Services Not Provided

We do Not Do

We do Not Do

Family Law

We do Not Do

We do Not Do

Worker's Compensation Law

We do Not 

Practice in Federal Court

immigration Law

Civil Law

Services Not Provided
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